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Paychi Guh

Paychi Guh Relaxed Cardigan

Paychi Guh Relaxed Cardigan

Made with 100% worsted Mongolian cashmere in 16 gauge, the relaxed fitting V-neck cardigan, featuring drop shoulder design, high-low body length, and patch pockets. The luxurious drape from the worsted cashmere fabrication, the pops of color at seam joins, and the fresh white shell buttons make the timeless cardigan stand out.

Easy to layer and great to travel with, a must-have timeless cardigan.

XS: Body length is 24 1/4″ at front, 25 1/4″ at back; Chest is 44 1/2″.
S: Body length is 24 3/4″ at front, 25 3/4″ at back; Chest is 46 1/2″.
M: Body length is 25 1/4″ at front, 26 1/4″ at back; Chest is 49″.
L: Body length is 26″ at front, 27″ at back; Chest is 52″.

100% worsted Mongolian cashmere.
2/48’s.16 gauge.

Hand wash in cool water recommended. Dry cleanable.

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