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AHWR Jagged Edge Wool Scarf

AHWR Jagged Edge Wool Scarf

The designer grew up in Telluride, Colorado- at least from middle school through the end of high school. She used to live in a sub-division called the Ski Ranches, which meant that in order to get to school she used to walk down to the bus stop off the highway directly across from Sunshine Mesa. Some mornings in the winter were so still and sparkly with fewest snow. You could see your breath as your eyelashes froze. It really was a magical way to start your day. She would often see coyotes and snowshoe hares running across the meadow, leaving barely visible tracks.

Jagged edge has two of those larger than life hares running through the snow and on one end a southwestern beaded pattern in vibrant shades of green, aqua and gold giving it a little southwestern vibe.

This is a new fabric - 100% wool, still as delicate and soft as all of our collection pieces and in a long and very wrap-able shape.

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